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Bali tourism throughout the years

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On this page we showcase some amazing Bali holiday videos from our guests and some other visitors.

They show the rich Balinese culture and its traditions, Bali throughout the years and of course through the eyes of its visitors, you!

Take a look and let us know if you have a great ad on for us to showcase here.

Credit and thanks to those who made these videos, their names are above each video and you can contact them through the video link.



Pulau Menjangan snorkeling trip

By Samudra Visions

By Rems Production

By Sergey Verderevskiy

By Vagabones Asia

By Kebiya

By Sebastian Sliter

By Dylan Argus

Awesome Bali Holiday videos

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By Fikri S. Wanda

By TravelFilmArchive

By Amanda Coucheron

By Timescape Indonesia

From our beloved guests

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Bali underwaterworld